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Our Collaboration

Kettleboobs and RWL have collaborated for some fantastic exclusive boobs! COMING SOON!

RWL is the most comprehensive online fitness and nutritional platform for women, available now on website and app, focusing on more than just getting fit and healthy. We encourage a supportive community spirit with women inspiring women, discussing their experiences and growing together. Our team of over 30 trainers and experts has evolved RWL to become an all-encompassing product to support women with their own personal Results, Wellness and Lifestyle.The RWL community continues to grow every day and has helped hundreds of thousands of women to a healthier lifestyle.



Kettleboobs was founded by Jolene Mcanuff & Danni Tabor.

Two friends who had begun discussing a new business idea whilst having some pub grub back in early 2018. 

They both wanted to set up something they loved and believed in, for Kettleboobs is about bringing the fun back to exercise.  The brand want you to enjoy training, and enable you to do it in your own time, at home, without having the need for a whole new home gym as the boobs look great on the mantelpiece or as a door stop. 

The girls want you to embrace being imperfect, finding balance and well being in all aspects of life. 


"I have a few different sized Kettleboobs and i love them all so so much. They are fun to use for workouts but they're also really cute and match my decor"


We love that we have created something that looks great sitting next to your cactus on the days when you wanna put your feet up and have a cuppa instead of swinging ya boobs.

Gift card

Looking for something for someone special? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!

coming soon