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Custom Boob

£19.00 - £58.00
  • Custom Boob


The boobs will go live to buy once they are back in stock and we have our hands on them!

Our Custom boob gives you free reign to have your logo, name or image. If it is a tricky image we will help to give you ideas of how it can work.

We ask for your patience during the global pandemic.
Unfortunately a lot of things are out of our hands.

The Boobs are on their way but we cannot guarantee how quickly they will arrive. So only order if you do not mind waiting and not having a date.
Once we have confirmation of our delivery date we will email you.

To be safe we are saying it could be the end of June ready for your summer garden workouts.

Once the Boobs are back in stock we will email you to discuss how we can bring your boob to life.

2kg - £19
4kg - £27
6kg - £35
8kg - £38
10kg - £41
12kg - £48
16kg - £58

p&p £9.99